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Date: 2018-02-14 14:27

I have followed Milas case along with many others over the past 8 years that I have been forced to deal with family court. I am in Arizona and cannot believe there are not posts from mothers of this state. I can sssooooo relate to all that is said and yes it must stop.
I cannot thank Keith Harmon Snow enough. He is my hero. Thank you thank you thank you for reporting on what so many are avoiding to acknowledge let alone investigate the truth. These cases are being written off as 'disgruntled litigants' or unstable, lying, scorned, PAS women.
So many of us are alone after the fact, stunned and wounded to our very core. I have cried my eyes out begging for punishment for whatever crime I must have committed so my *censored* would be left alone and no longer abused. I have lost much of my business of 76 years and my beliefs in the teachings to my *censored* of good begets good although life can sometimes dish out an unfair card. As a career I have helped many get what is rightly theirs when a wrong has been committed or an accident. I had no idea going to court would not mean justice. There is no restistution. There is no justice in family court. I always believed the truth would prevail and said this more times than I could count in my life. I no longer believe this with the conviction I did if at all. I feel the words on the exterior walls of our courthouses are forgotten. Justice, truth?? Really? In the beginning an incarcerated man said he and his pastor were going to prove me criminally insane.. What? I had a crystal clear record and over a decade of raising the most wonderful *censored* who's happiness showed in her face and eyes continually. I thought it was a sick statement after I mistakenly laughed. 8 years later, although the pastor (?)has had his psychology license revoked, it is of no consolation to me and my *censored*, but it's not so funny and a scary statement. The damage has been done with a court appointed reunification therapist facilitating it, the emotional terrorism which was used on me and this *censored* when the stranger, father was just released from a prison with bible in tow and he exacted the revenge on her mind he had threatened years before as I rejected him. She is no longer happy. I have had to do suicide watch repeatedly. This is damage to *censored*ren immeasurable. These are lies told for money. My court minutes read as if there's been a hearing of which I was sanctioned but it really occured in a stairwell of the courthouse for the most part and I am not sure what exactly I was guilty of. These are lives forever changed needlessly for greed and possibly lack of care best I can tell. While the federal funding given to the fathers rights initiative had a good intent it must be reevaluated as this is giving access to some (many)fathers with no good intentions but ability to cut *censored* support amounts. To do this they must gain access of *censored*ren they really don't want leaving the protective mother to fight for the safety of the *censored*ren when it's just not going to matter even with hard evidence this may not be best for the *censored*ren. Then there's the others who are stalking through the courts. They are giving abusers the ultimate power and control of their victims lives. It's unreal. This is not to discredit the many honorable fathers I know.
Our state is known to be less than caring for it's *censored*ren than the national average (maybe second worst) and finding hundreds if not thousands of uninvestigated *censored* sexual assault/molestation cases. Cutting healthcare. Cutting education. *censored*s are given more care and better treatment here.
Does anyone remember Brenda Owmsby? She's the mother who jumped out of a car on I-67 freeway while her mother and sister drove her home from the courts after losing custody of her *censored*ren?
How about the mother who requested a move order from Judge Padilla who knew she was in danger of the bio father but was denied and low and behold she's found to be undeserving of this and then found dead I believe 7 days later in a murder-suicide. These are two horrible cases happening in my 8 years of being associated with family courts.
Please keep this up. Please keep the light shining brightly on this topic. It will help dry the tears of the people who are watching this happen with their hands tied (my friends, neighbors, family members cried along with the *censored*s teachers she shared what was happening and being said to her as they saw her changing)and those who are mourning the loss of family members through this broken money making system being hidden. I hope you are rewarded for your courage to investigate and report on the truth.
I will say today, "I hope the truth prevails"..

BMI Fawkham Manor Hospital - Private Hospital Longfield

If a “real father” is the man who throws his 69 year old step daughter to the ground and then brutally kicks her in the ribs, as her friend and siblings watched in horror…I’ll say it again--yes, this “real father” should certainly have custody of my *censored*ren.

And again, if a “real father” is the man who leaves a 5 year old *censored* girl in a car alone, 65:85 at night, as she screams out in fear, and offers no comfort what so ever as he yells at her 68 year old sister ( blog titled: From the heart I will serve Day 9),…by all means, this “real father“ should absolutely enjoy primary physical custody.

These are just a few of the incidents that were testified to in open court, and/or brought to the attention of my attorney, the GAL, the court appointed therapist, and/or *censored*ren and Youth services. None of these atrocities against me & my *censored*ren were taken into account as my ex-husband was handed the legal green light to continue his torment and acts of abuse. Yet instead, over the course of 9 years a plan was initiated, carried out, and then implemented to use a circle of select professionals in order to make me look like the undeserving, un-loving, un-nurturing, out of control mother, while he was portrayed as a loving father who “never once yelled at his *censored*ren”.

I am posting part of my story today because I want you to know that, no matter where you are in this country, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is POWER in numbers. In order for us to even begin to affect some sort of social change we must band together. What has happened to each of us, as well as thousands of other unheard victims, is a clear cut violation of our basic human rights. You and I have fallen prey to a corrupt, unjust, and immoral court system designed to funnel millions of dollars to those professional and entities who secretly agree to destroy families for financial gain and status. Mr. Snow was diligent and courageous in his efforts to report the truth as to what is truly happening in our family courts all over this country. And now it is up to us to follow through so that his hard work and labor will never be in vain, and our *censored*ren, families, and our communities can be made stronger for generations to come.

I am being directed to forge certain contacts of people who may be able to help with guidance and support in any endeavors to make sure this corruption is placed in main stream media. Perhaps the possibility of filing a class action law suit will be one of the questions I will ask. As well, I will check back with these comments daily to update you. Please, if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to respond on this forum or thru the contact page of my website.

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